The website is a browser hijacker and type of site that offers misleading services. The service offered through appears to be a YouTube video downloader where it may give the ability to computer users to rip YouTube videos or audio for free. Such services may be offered through random advertisements that pop-up upon loading the homepage.

Diving deep into the purpose of it is discovered that it may gain money for its creators through website page impressions or pay-per-click schemes. Computer users should avoid the use of the site at all costs.

Those who may notice that loads automatically may have had some components associated with loaded on their system. Usually, such components will load when installing random freeware apps or bundled software from third-party sourced download sites. Removal of those components is required to stop the unwanted actions of possibly loading as a default home page or new tab page. Using an antimalware tool will suffice to rid a Windows PC of such components and allow you to restore your Internet settings.