Grand Explorer

The Grand Explorer is an intrusive PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that can cause significant disruptions to a user's browsing experience. When installed on a computer, it takes control of the browser's settings, such as the homepage and default search engine, without the user's consent. Once the Grand Explorer has hijacked the browser, it displays unwanted advertisements not associated with the websites the user is browsing.

Browser Hijackers Like the Grand Explorer could Expose Users to Questionable Content

The primary objective of the Grand Explorer is to generate revenue for its creators by redirecting user search queries through shady search engines. These search engines often deliver irrelevant results or display ads disguised as legitimate search results. Additionally, the Grand Explorer may also open new browser tabs, which contain advertisements promoting software products or offering fake software updates or technical support frauds. Such advertisements are often designed to deceive users into downloading and installing unsafe software or providing sensitive information.

The unwanted ads displayed by the Grand Explorer can cause the browser to slow down and make it difficult to navigate. It can also expose users to further security risks by leading them to click on potentially harmful links or download files that contain additional adware, browser hijackers, or PUPs. Therefore, take immediate action to remove the Grand Explorer from the affected device to avoid any privacy or security issues.

Users are Unlikely to Install PUPs Intentionally

PUPs and browser hijackers are often distributed using various deceptive tactics. These tactics can include bundling PUPs with other software, especially free software so that they are installed without the user's consent.

Another tactic is the utilization of deceptive pop-up ads, fake software updates, and tech support scams. PUPs and browser hijackers can also be distributed through questionable email attachments, infected links, and phishing scams. Social engineering tactics such as fake download buttons and misleading advertisements can trick users into downloading and installing PUPs and browser hijackers.

Some PUPs and browser hijackers are distributed through rogue websites that offer free downloads of pirated software, movies, and music. Once installed, PUPs and browser hijackers can lead to numerous problems, including slowing down the computer, displaying unwanted advertisements, redirecting the user's browser to shady destinations and collecting user data without their consent.

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Grand Explorer Video

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Grand Explorer may create the following directory or directories:

%appdata%\Grand Explorer


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