Security experts see numerous reports about a malware threat that was named GootKit. Cybercriminals are using GootKit to collect information, which its controllers can use to perform actions that will endanger the computer users and their privacy. Threats like GootKit are not easy to be detected because they work in the background and are very stealthy, which makes its detection and removal a task that should be done by a highly-skilled computer user or an effective and updated anti-malware tool. GootKit is spread via corrupted email attachments, compromised advertisements, bad torrents, illicit downloads, phishing websites, and other, commonly used threat delivery methods. Threats like GootKit also can open backdoors on the compromised machines, which allows hackers to get hold of the machine's system and perform whatever actions they please.

As we said above, GootKit is not easy to be detected and removed. However, most up-to-date anti-malware programs can detect and remove GootKit successfully. Scanning your machine with an anti-malware application will remove Trojan.GootKit and any files it has installed on your computer.

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