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Google Voice Code Verification Scam

There are numerous tactics and tricksters creeping all around the Internet. Some are rather harmless, while others have the potential to cause great damage. The 'Google Voice Verification Code' scam is one of the more harmful misleading tactics.

Generates Substantial Phone Bill

The shady individuals responsible for the 'Google Voice Verification Code' scam operate in a rather interesting manner. They would go through Craigslist (and similar platforms) and pick victims. The user will then be contacted via phone by the con artists whowill state that they have a verification system in place, and the user will be sent a code shortly. Then, they will require the victim to forward them the verification code so that they would confirm that the advertisement was not bogus. None of their claims are true, of course. If the user falls for their trickery and sends them the verification code, they will be able to complete their registration for the Google Voice Service. This service would allow them to use the victim's phone number to send text messages and make calls and will likely generate a very substantial bill, which the user will have to pay later. It is likely that these people may use the illicit Google Voice registration to pay for services and subscriptions that support mobile phone registration.

Users need to extra careful when dealing with strangers online. Do not provide anyone with your personal information, and if anything seems suspicious quit interacting, as there are many ill-minded individuals out there who do not have your best interest at heart; quite the opposite.

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Roxanne Yvette Arismendez Reply

What do I do if I received a text saying my lost dog was found and asking for a Google verification code that I was dumb editor send!? Help please


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