Threat Database Adware 'GoDaddy' Email Scam

'GoDaddy' Email Scam

The 'GoDaddy' email scam refers to a spam campaign that disseminates thousands of emails to unsuspecting targets containing a link to a phishing site. Users will find in the email inbox a message crafted to appear as if it has been sent by GoDaddy, one of the biggest Internet domain registrar and Web hosting companies. The exact text may vary but the typical email from this tactic will claim that the user's email account has been approved for an upgrade - from 'Workspace' to 'Microsoft 365 Email.' To approve the upgrade, users will have to click on the link contained in the message and then input their account credentials. If the upgrade is not approved, the user email account will allegedly be suspended/closed.

The most important thing to consider if you encounter an email from the 'GoDaddy' scam is that nothing mentioned in the message is true. GoDaddy have nothing to do with this phishing tactic and their name is simply used by the con artists as a way to lure investors into a false sense of security. Furthermore, any data entered into the phishing website opened by the link in the misleading messages will be scrapped and sent to the con artists.

Any obtained credentials can then be used by the fraudsters to escalate their reach by attempting to access additional accounts belonging to the victim. They can also impersonate the user and attempt to spread PUPs or malware threats to anyone in the accesses contact list.


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