Threat Database Adware is a dubious website that tries to trick people into subscribing to its push notification services. This is a popular scheme and there have already been countless nearly identical websites put on the Internet to propagate it. Usually, users who land on one of the deceiving websites, are presented with misleading alert or warning messages. The most popular scenario is for the site to pretend to be conducting a CAPTCHA check for bots. does exactly that.  

The site shows an image of a robot accompanied by several instructions similar to:

'I’m not a robot. Click Allow to verify that you are not a robot

Click Allow to confirm'

If successful, will proceed to deliver unwanted and intrusive advertisements to the affected device, generating monetary gains for its creators in the process. The advertisements could impact the user experience on the device severely but, more importantly, they might take the user to other questionable pages via forced redirects. Dubious online casino platforms, misleading giveaways, phishing pages, and more potentially unsafe locations could be among the destinations of the redirects. 

Users who notice that they are landing on websites such as quite often should consider the possibility that a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) has managed to sneak itself onto their device. To deal with these suspicious applications, run a scan of the system with a professional anti-malware security product.


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