Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The Web page is a dodgy site whose purpose is to promote PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) targeting Apple devices. Once a visitor launches the page, the site will detect what device the user is utilizing. This website can determine the model and the brand of the user's system. The visitor will be greeted with a bogus pop-up window that advertises a VPN service for Mac computers. Alternatively, if the user is visiting the odgy site via their iPhone or iPad, they will be presented with a similar pop-up message promoting an application for their device. It is crucial for users to avoid downloading any software from shady or unconfirmed sources as the products they promote are not reliable and may end up harming your system.

Promotes Dodgy VPN and Similar Services

It would appear that most of the software promoted by the website is either VPN related or affiliated with various proxy services. To convince the users to install the recommended application, the operators of the site promise them extra security for their data and identity. Furthermore, they state that installing their product also will keep their system safe from malware and dodgy content. VPN services are a popular tool for countless users online, but you can be sure that it is certainly best to stay away from dodgy products like the ones promoted by the website. The applications promoted by the Web page are identified as PUPs by several anti-malware tools.

Users who have installed software promoted by the website are advised to remove it sooner rather than later. PUPs, like the applications offered by this dodgy site, will not harm your device and do not threaten the safety of your data. However, PUPs tend to diminish the user's browsing quality, and immediate removal is strongly recommended. Users can either uninstall the applications manually or trust a reputable antivirus solution to remove the PUPs from their system quickly and securely.


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