Threat Database Adware GeneralObject


GeneralObject is an adware-type application that also possesses browser hijacker characteristics. The application relies on dubious distribution techniques to mask the fact that it is being installed on the user's Mac system. In fact, GeneralObject has been observed to be smuggled inside fake Adobe Flash Player installers. The user of such deceptive methods classifies GeneralObject as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

No matter how the application managed to sneak itself onto your Mac, once there, it will waste no time monetizing its presence. The PUP will begin to generate intrusive advertisements that could diminish the user experience on the affected device severely. The advertisements could start to cover up the legitimate content viewed by the user and could cause forced redirects to questionable third-party pages. Users may be taken to various misleading pages for bogus giveaways, phishing schemes, technical support tactics, etc. 

At the same time, GeneralObject will take over certain browser settings to promote a sponsored address. Users may notice that their new tabs, homepage, and the default search engine have all been modified to open a fake search engine. Typically, search engines promoted in this fashion are incapable of producing any result on their own. Instead, they either redirect to a legitimate engine right away or initiate a redirect chain that involves several dubious engines before arriving at a legitimate one such as Yahoo, Bing or Google. 

PUPs are known for spying on the user's browsing habits, and it is unlikely that GeneralObject is an exception. The application could be tracking all visited sites and initiated searchers. In addition, it could access device details such as IP address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), geolocation and more. 


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