Threat Database Adware is a mostly empty page but don't be fooled - this is just front, hiding the nature of a deceiving website. Indeed, falls into the category of con pages that display misleading or fake messages in an attempt to trick visitors into subscribing to the site's push notification services. Afterward, the site will exploit the permissions it was granted to run an intrusive advertising campaign and generate monetary gains for its creators.

Users should keep in mind that all pages dedicated to proliferating this browser-based hoax employ similar tactics. The most commonly encountered scenario is for the rogue website to act as if it is doing a CAPTCHA check. However, others may imply that a video will become accessible or a file is now ready for download. The exact messages may be similar to:

'Press Allow to confirm that you are not a robot'

'Click Allow to watch the video'

'Download is ready.'

All displayed messages will urge the user to click the displayed 'Allow' button. Those that follow the instructions of will find themselves subjected to an incessant flood of intrusive advertisements. By this point, closing the browser will have no effect, and the dubious advertisements will continue to appear.

Engaging with the advertising materials could lead to more risks. Users may be taken to more unsafe pages spreading adware, browser hijackers, other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) or even malware threats.

It is recommended to stop the actions of as soon as possible. Typically, you can do that via your browser's settings.


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