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Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 5
First Seen: October 4, 2021
Last Seen: March 24, 2022

FrequencyProgress is a dubious application that has been found to possess various intrusive capabilities. According to cybersecurity researchers, the application targets Mac users and aims to deliver various annoying advertisements to their devices. However, in addition to that, FrequencyProgress also has browser hijacker functions. The application will take control of the user's web browser and cause unwanted redirects to fake search engines such as and

Applications of this type also may collect sensitive information and record it without the user's knowledge. It is common for users to unintentionally download and install adware and browser hijackers, which is why FrequencyProgress is also classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

PUPs Like FrequencyProgress can Lead to Privacy Risks

Applications like FrequencyProgress are designed to serve advertisements that could promote dubious or untrustworthy content to users. The generated ads may include coupons, banners, pop-ups, and surveys. They should not be clicked on as they can lead to shady destinations - phishing websites, fake giveaways, technical support frauds, more PUPs disguised as seemingly legitimate applications, etc.

FrequencyProgress also acts as a browser hijacker by promoting fake search engines, such as on Safari browsers and on Chrome browsers. This is done by reassigning the address of the default search engine, new tab, and homepage in the browser settings. Because of this, users are forced to visit these fake search engines when they launch their browsers, open a new tab, or enter search queries into the URL bar.

Both and do not generate unique search results. Instead, they redirect the initiated search query and show results produced by the legitimate Yahoo search engine. These fake search engines cannot be removed from browser settings unless the app that promotes them is uninstalled.

Moreover, apps like FrequencyProgress often have the ability to access and record sensitive information. The harvested user data could be misused by the developers of the specific PUP themselves or sold to third parties. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid downloading and installing potentially unwanted applications, such as FrequencyProgress, to keep sensitive information safe.

PUPs are Distributed Mostly through Questionable Tactics

PUPs are often distributed using deceptive or questionable tactics. These tactics are used to trick users into downloading and installing the unwanted software. One common tactic is bundling, where the PUP is included as part of a software package that the user has chosen to download.

Another tactic is the use of misleading advertisements or pop-ups that claim to offer useful software or services but actually lead to the installation of PUPs. PUPs may also be disguised as updates or security software to make users believe they are necessary for the proper functioning of their devices.

Additionally, PUPs may use tactics such as social engineering, scare tactics, or fake alerts to convince users to download and install the software. These tactics are often used by unscrupulous software developers and can lead to serious privacy and security risks for users.

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