Free Streaming Radio

The Free Streaming Radio is an application that presents itself as a useful tool for users who enjoy listening radio. The creators of the Free Streaming Radio application claim to provide users with radio streams online that will keep them entertained for hours. However, all the radio streams the Free Streaming Radio provides are available online freely. There is no need for users to install third-party applications like the Free Streaming Radio add-on to get content that is available for free one click away. After analyzing this application, cybersecurity experts have identified it as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

Sets a New Tab Page

PUPs like the Free Streaming Radio application are not inherently unsafe to your system and do not pose a threat to your data's security. However, PUPs do not provide any valuable content and are very likely to irritate users. Users who have installed the Free Streaming Radio add-on report that this application has altered their Web browser settings automatically. By changing the user's settings, the Free Streaming Radio application alters their new tab page. The page that the Free Streaming Radio add-on sets as a default new tab page is However, this new website that users are prompted to use is offline currently. This means that whenever the users try to open a new tab, they will be greeted with an error message.

Malware researchers advise users to remove the Free Streaming Radio add-on from their system immediately. This can either be achieved manually via their settings or with the help of a legitimate antivirus suite that will remove the PUP swiftly. To avoid coming across PUPs or similar pests, it is advisable to avoid browsing shady websites like adult video hosting platforms, illicit streaming pages, torrent trackers, etc.


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