FRat Malware

The FRat Malware is a brand-new RAT (Remote Access Trojan), which appears to go after businesses and other organizations mainly. However, the FRat Malware also may be used against regular users online. The FRat Malware is designed to operate very silently. If this RAT compromises your system, you may not notice anything out of the ordinary. This is due to the stealthy nature of the FRat Malware. The FRat Malware would operate in the background and enable its operators to control the infected host.

Usually, cybercriminals use RATs like the FRat Malware to obtain information from their targets. However, the FRat Malware has other features that extend its capabilities significantly. The FRat Malware is able to:

  • Run remote commands on the infected host.
  • List directories.
  • Browse directories.
  • Control Windows services.
  • Manage the active processes.
  • Download and execute payloads.

The latter feature enables the FRat Malware to deploy additional threats on the infected system. This means that the operators of the FRat Malware may use it to plant a keylogger, an infostealer or another threat.

If you suspect that something shady may be happening on your system, you should consider performing a scan with the aid of a reputable, modern anti-virus software suite. The security tool would be able to identify and eliminate any threatening software that may be present on your system.

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