Foxxy Ransomware

Foxxy Ransomware Description

The Foxxy Ransomware is a potent malware threat that can wreak havoc on the systems it manages to compromise. The Foxxy Ransomware is designed to run a strong encryption process that locks a wide range of file types and renders them both inaccessible and unusable. Victims who wish to restore their personal and business-related data are then extorted for money with the hackers promising to provide the necessary decryption tool and key after being paid.

As part of its threatening activities, the Foxxy Ransomware will mark all locked files by changing their original names. More specifically, it appends '.foxxy' as a new file extension. Upon encrypting all targeted file types, the Foxxy Ransomware will drop two ransom notes with nearly identical text. One will be presented as a pop-up window, while the other will be placed inside a newly created text file named '_RECOVER__FILES.foxxy.txt.'

Foxxy Ransomware's Demands

The ransom notes are rather brief but they contain some very specific instructions. Victims are told that they will have to pay a ransom of 0.9 BTC (Bitcoin). The Bitcoin cryptocurrency recently climbed to a new high in its valuation so the sum demanded by the Foxxy Ransomware is staggering - over $56, 000. After making the transfer of the funds, victims are expected to send the ID transaction to Foxxy Ransomware's operators via email. The provided address is ''

The entire set of instructions left by the threat is:

'Your files (count: -) have been encrypted!
In order to recover your data…

Please send 0.9 Bitcoin(s) to the following BTC address:

Next, E-mail your transaction ID to the following address: