Threat Database Adware '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The and its clone may appear useful with its search bar and tiles linked to popular services, but they are associated with a browser hijacker written in JavaScript and distributed with freeware installers. Security researchers report that the and the domains host search fields that redirect users to the legitimate Google engine. However, your search terms are sent to the servers of advertisers, and tracking cookies are injected into your computer. The browser hijacker linked to and might be used DOM storage data, read your bookmarks and software configuration to show customized advertisements and redirect you to sponsored services. The browser hijacker is known to travel with software like GoforFiles, Iminent Toolbar and Fifex that could decrease your system productivity and display additional ads in your browser. Web surfers are not advised to use or its clone because they could be redirected to harmful domains and be suggested to install rogueware like Antivirus IS and Antivirus PC 2010. The fake security software mentioned before may scare users with many fake alerts to convince users to pay for a premium license. The browser hijacker may use an executable TMP file with a double extension to evade security scans and obstruct manual removal. Needless to say, the activities of the browser hijacker linked to and may cause safety and performance problems. You may want to use a credible anti-malware instrument to remove the browser hijacker and protect your computer.


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