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Experts classify HTML/Fifex.A as an adware application that initially comes in the form of browser extension. The plugin is compatible with the most common browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. As the others Potentially Unwanted Programs from this kind, HTML/Fifex.A collects your browser information and uses it to provide you with various advertisements. However, unlike most of the adware extensions that are relatively harmless, HTML/Fifex.A intentions are far more serious than winning referral revenue after you are transferred to sponsored websites. This browser add-on may be exceptionally resistant to detection and removal.

How Does HTML/Fifex.A Reach Your PC?

HTML/Fifex.A relies on well-established means of distribution. In most cases, the browser extension is downloaded bundled with a legit freeware or shareware program. This practice is often preferred because computer users usually don't pay close attention to the installation process. This way HTML/Fifex.A just sneaks into your computer without you having a clue. HTML/Fifex.A may also be attached to an e-mail, pretending to be a completely legitimate and harmless file. You may even directly download it if you use unsafe sites for drivers or video codecs. After the successful installation, this adware extension proceeds with its plan.

What Happens After HTML/Fifex.A is Installed?

At first, you may find the settings of your browser modified. Your search results may be replaced and the home page may be changed. The inconveniences you will likely face following the installation of HTML/Fifex.A include being redirected to suspicious sites, advertisements popping up all the time and diminished performance of your browser. The extension gathers your browsing information - your IP address, visited pages, searching patterns, cookies and more. Unfortunately, the results of HTML/Fifex.A are not limited to these actions. In fact, the more serious threats are yet to come.

At this moment, you may already be aware that there is an infiltration of your system, and you may attempt to delete it. However, HTML/Fifex.A uses an advanced technology, allowing HTML/Fifex.A to attach itself deep into your operational system and knows how to avoid detection. This is why very few antispyware programs can deal with this threat and Windows Firewall is also bypassed. HTML/Fifex.A also may serve as a platform for downloading additional harmful programs.

Victims of this threat state that HTML/Fifex.A disguises itself as instance of Internet Explorer. Attempting to kill this process from the Task Manager has proven unsuccessful, and the suspicious process reappears on its own. Various error messages are often shown and indeed some MS Office files are damaged, deleted or impossible to open. Moreover, many applications may be disabled and system crashes are imminent. Even starting up your PC will require noticeably more time.

How to Protect Yourself from HTML/Fifex.A?

As a precautionary measure against this threat, experts advise selecting the custom installation menu and carefully look through the details. If you see a program and don't understand what it does, uncheck it. It goes without saying that one should never to download anything from suspicious sources. These simple methods may prevent significant problems in the future.

In case HTML/Fifex.A is already installed on your system, the best for you is to use a reputable anti-malware application. This computer threat is rooted deeply in the core files of your operational system, so manual removal may be difficult. A special anti-malware program will get rid of this threat efficiently. Also, having a real-time protection will prevent such infiltrations in the future.


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