Threat Database Adware

If you notice that your Web browser is opening unknown pages that all lead to the address, then you more than likely have an adware application present on your computer. Adware employs various underhanded tactics designed specifically to hide its installation from the attention of the user. As a result, these deceptive applications remain hidden, while users are left in confusion about the sudden changes in their browser's behavior and the drastic increase in intrusive and unwanted advertisements. The reliance on such deceptive distribution methods classifies these applications as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

The adware can be annoying especially. Users have reported that the moment their PC boots up and OS starts, they are taken to a dubious page immediately. Indeed, content delivered via adware is rarely legitimate. In most cases, users are presented with various online tactics. These can include fake giveaways, 'get-rich-quick' schemes, phishing pages, fake surveys and more. 

PUPs also are known for spying on the user's browsing habits. The suspicious applications can access the search and browsing histories, IP address, geolocation, etc., package the data, and then exfiltrate it to a remote server. 

Dealing with adware or other types of PUPs manually can be a tiring process. That is why it is recommended to clean your computer by using a professional security solution that you trust. 


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