is an advertising domain that has been observed to be promoted through the use of browser hijacker applications. This is a popular method to drive artificial traffic towards dubious domains and fake search engines to generate monetary gains for their creators. Users should always be on the lookout for possible PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that might have been included as a preselected option in the installation process of another application or disguised as a fake software installer/updater. 

The browser hijacker application promoting is capable of affecting all popular browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Side, Opera, etc. At first glance, might appear like a good place to get current news. However, users will soon find themselves bombarded by numerous questionable advertisements. The advertisements may even include offers to download and install additional PUPs. To increase the chances of luring the user into engaging with the presented materials, and its associated PUP could attempt to collect various browsing information. Most commonly the tracked data consists of the user's browsing history, conducted searchers, clicked URLs, IP address and geolocation of the affected device and more.

Due to the browser hijacker capabilities of the PUP, the user's browser may be forced to open the domain as the default homepage, whenever a new tab is started, or even as a default search engine. The PUP could then prevent any further modification of the respective browser settings. 

Keeping any PUP on your computer or other devices is strongly discouraged. Users should run a scan with a professional anti-malware solution and then remove all suspicious applications detected. 


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