Flowershop Malware

Flowershop Malware Description

The Flowershop Malware is related to some threats such as the Stuxnet or Gossigirl worm, know for the damage it caused to nuclear facilities in Iran, Duqu that was related to attacks to the nuclear program developed by Iran in Switzerland and shares codes with Stuxnet, and Flame, which is a highly sophisticated toolkit that also shares the Stuxnet code and is used in espionage. The Flowershop Malware was detected in 2015 and was active between 2002 and 2016, attacking computers located in the Middle East.

The Flowershop Malware, due to its connections should be a threat developed to attack and take control of machines running the Windows OS. The Flowershop Malware and its related threats were configured to deliver spyware software with the objective of collecting information such as usernames, passwords and other, crucial information. Although the security community has been trying hard to eradicate these threats, these efforts can stop them for a while, but as soon as the criminals find new ways to improve their features, they reappear more strong than ever. Network admins and regular computer users should take any measure counseled by security specialists to protect their machines and avoid such infections.