Flip-search.com Description

Flip-search.com is a fake search engine's address. Usually, such fake engines are promoted by numerous browser-hijacker applications designed to control the user's Web browser and, more specifically, the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine. These settings will be modified to open the promoted fake search engine, and every time they are opened, it would generate artificial traffic towards the address.

Another common functionality observed in browser hijackers is their ability to harvest various system data. In most cases, the collected information includes browser and search history, clicked URLs, geolocation, IP address, and Internet provider, but some applications try to dig far deeper and actually attempt to access credit or debit card details.

Flip-search.com is classified as a fake search engine due to its inability to produce any search results on its own. Every conducted search will be taken and redirected to another dubious search engine called opti-page.com. The result of this is that users will be shown results generated by a third-party search engine, which could entail various ad links being injected into the displayed list of results. Flip-search.com has also been observed as an intermediary step during the operations of other fake engines. One such example is the searchmine.net fake engine, which will redirect to Flip-search.com before finally landing on opti-page.com.

If users are experiencing redirects to Flip-search.com, they must scan their systems for potential browser hijackers that might be lurking on it as soon as possible.

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