Threat Database Adware 'Firewall Error: #ST43400X' Pop-Ups

'Firewall Error: #ST43400X' Pop-Ups

The 'Firewall Error: #ST43400X' targets Japanese-speaking users, and is a technical support scheme. Those tactics claim that users cannot access their device because it has been infected by numerous threats, like Trojans and other malware types. Experts emphasize that no website can detect malware on visitors’ computers and any such claims are absolutely fake. Furthermore, they can in no way be associated with the Microsoft Corporation.

Users typically land on websites that promote technical support schemes by mistyping URLs. Another option to get there is through redirects caused by other rogue pages, PUAs installed on the devices, or intrusive adware campaigns. It is recommended to run a thorough anti-malware scan by an acknowledged application and remove any detected issues.

The purpose of a technical support tactic is to trick users into contacting fake helplines and allowing cybercriminals, disguised as technicians or customer support representatives, to access the victims’ computers remotely. Once access is granted, the scammers can install fake programs or even infect the computer with malware.

Criminals also may try to collect finance-related data (e.g., bank account credentials, credit card numbers, etc.), either by asking victims to disclose it or through some information-collecting malware. What is more, victims of the 'Firewall Error: #ST43400X' pop-ups also may end up paying substantial "fees" via dubious payment gateways that record the data provided to them.

To summarize, trusting the 'Firewall Error: #ST43400X' tactic can cause severe privacy issues, substantial financial losses, various malware infections and even identity theft. Should users be unable to close the con Web page, they can terminate the browser process through the Windows Task Manager.


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