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filerepmalware removalFileRepMalware is the detection name that certain anti-malware suites give to a genetic threat. There is no single, specific threat name connected to FileRepMalware. This is a detection generated by anti-malware heuristic mechanisms and algorithms, so there is no substantial specific information available for it. However, the fact that it has been flagged as malicious, means you should remove it soon as you can.

How Did Your Computer Get FileRepMalware?

Generic threats, often identified by anti-malware suites as Trojans, can find their way onto your system in a number of ways. It is very likely you got the file that triggered the FileRepMalware detection in one of the following ways:

  • Suspicious email attachments.
  • Bundle installers with poor disclosure of individual elements.
  • Drive-by downloads from malicious sites.

There have been multiple instances of various file types that carry the detection called FileRepMalware. One example is a fake KMSPico installer. KMSPico is a pirate activation tool for Windows systems that is often searched and downloaded by software pirates, which makes it a great vehicle for spreading malware. Of course, the vehicle carrying FileRepMalware can be any file, including dynamic-link libraries or DLL files.

How Do You Get Rid of FileRepMalware?

Given the limited information available about FileRepMalware, the available options for removing the parasite are relatively limited. If FileRepMalware was found in an executable that you can locate and never ran, you can delete the file immediately to minimize the chance of further infection. Next, scan the system with a reliable anti-malware suite to make sure there are no further traces.

Alternatively, you can simply use an updated anti-malware suite and run a full system scan. That should quarantine the problematic file and all traces of it on your system as a whole. You should always remember to run an extra scan after a quarantine procedure to make sure all traces of the issue are gone for good.


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