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'FIFA Crypto Giveaway' Scam

Fraudsters are using the global phenomenon that is the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, as a lure for their fraudulent schemes. Indeed, infosec researchers have uncovered a rogue website that claims to run a crypto giveaway organized by FIFA. Of course, the scheme is not supported in any way by the International Federation of Association Football. Not to mention that FIFA is not holding a crypto giveaway definitely.

The untrustworthy site claims that users who participate will have the opportunity to earn 5,000 BTC (Bitcoin) or 50, 000 ETH (Ethereum). The main page even features an image of the current FIFA president Gianni Infantino, as a way to appear more legitimate. According to the misleading site, a total of one hundred million dollars will be given away. Participants can make contributions between 0.1 and 30 for Bitcoin and from 0.5 to 500 for Ethereum. In return, they will receive double the contributed amount.

Of course, none of these claims are true. The goal of the fraudsters is to collect all transferred funds under their own crypto-wallet accounts and then run away. Victims will find it extremely difficult to recover the money they sent and will most likely suffer significant monetary losses.


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