Fccu4o20iv.exe Description

While there is no reason to doubt that Fccu4o20iv.exe could be a malicious executable file associated with a virus or Trojan infection, it is highly likely that most computer users worrying about a Fccu4o20iv.exe infection should actually be worried about a scareware threat on their computer system. There have been reports of computer users complaining that their computer is displaying error messages indicating the presence of the 'Fccu4o20iv.exe virus' on their computer system. These error messages may appear as pop-up Windows when visiting some websites, or they may appear as pop-up notifications from the Task Bar.

Regardless of the cause of error messages claiming a Fccu4o20iv.exe on your computer system, ESG security researchers highly advise utilizing a reliable anti-malware tool to execute a full scan of your hard drives. Most of the time, error messages claiming that a Fccu4o20iv.exe infection is present on your computer system are either symptoms of a scareware infection on your computer or are associated with an online scam actively trying to install scareware on your system.

Protecting Yourself from Scams Associated with Fccu4o20iv.exe

Some of the most common online scams involve malicious programs known as scareware. The reason why these programs receive this name is because they rely on trying to scare a computer user in order to carry out their scam. While there are many kinds of scareware tactics, the supposed Fccu4o20iv.exe virus infection belongs to the most common kind of scareware: fake virus and Trojan notifications. Basically, this scam involves making a PC user assume that their computer system is infected with malware of some kind. Then, they will try to convince the victim to download and install a supposed anti-virus program that is actually a virus or Trojan infection. In some cases, this supposed anti-virus application will be a rogue security program. These kinds of fake security programs will try to convince the victim that they need to 'upgrade' to a supposed full version of the fake anti-virus which is, of course, never free.

If messages indicating the presence of Fccu4o20iv.exe on your computer system are being displayed while browsing only specific websites with unsafe advertisements, your computer may be safe. However, if this message is appearing while browsing otherwise normal websites or if it is appearing even if your web browser is not open, this indicates that your computer system may have become infected with a dangerous Trojan or rootkit infection that requires immediate attention.