FatalRAT is a threatening Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that allows threat actors to perform a wide range of nefarious actions on the infected devices. It should be noted that there are legitimate tools offering remote access and administration, as this is an incredibly convenient option to have at one's disposal. Unfortunately, cybercriminals can deploy these legitimate applications as part of their attack operations and use them the same way as specially crafted RAT malware.

FatalRAT can most likely be commanded to establish a keylogging routine on compromised computers. The hackers can then monitor the data entered by the user and thus gain access to details such as account credentials, banking information, credit/debit card numbers, social security numbers and more. The gathered information can be used to launch different frauds subsequently and cause significant financial losses to the victims. 

RATs also can be employed as middle-stage droppers. The crybercriminals can use the RAT already established on the breached system to escalate their attack and deliver a next-stage payload. Typically, these include ransomware threats that will lock the user's files and then demand a ransom for their restoration or crypto-miners that hijack the resources of the infected system to mine coins for a particular cryptocurrency. 

FatalRAT may remain undetected for an extended period while continuing its nefarious activities in the background of the system. Users are strongly encouraged to always have a professional anti-malware solution installed on their systems that also is being kept as up-to-date as possible. 


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