ExtraList Description

ExtraList is a Mac OS application, which can be classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). While the ExtraList application will not harm your computer actively, it may reduce your browsing quality. This application is marketed as a tool, which will help the users get better and more relevant results when using a search engine. However, this is not the case certainly, and the ExtraList application will instead tamper with the settings of your browser to ensure that it sets up a different new tab page, or you use a search engine different than your default one. Instead of bettering the search results, the ExtraList application will likely irritate you and deliver low-quality search results.

Lowers the Quality of Search Results

The ExtraList application will likely promote advertisements that are not only irrelevant but may be pushing low-quality products or dubious services actively. The goal of the ExtraList PUP is not bettering your search results but pushing its own interests via displaying low-quality advertisements and presenting you with search results by affiliated companies, which may not be relevant to your search. The ExtraList application is likely to be working with shady advertising networks to monetize its activity.

If you have installed the ExtraList application, we will advise you to remove it as not only it will not help you but will use you to make cash while promoting irrelevant, low-quality content and products. You can get rid of the ExtraList application manually, or you utilize the help of an anti-malware tool, which will rid you of this shady app easily. Be careful what applications you install on your system as many applications that claim to do wonders end up doing quite the opposite.

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