Threat Database Adware 'ExploreSyncd will damage your computer' Error

'ExploreSyncd will damage your computer' Error

ExploreSync is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that is targeting mainly Mac users. The application was classified as a PUP due to the deceptive methods it employs to spread itself. Indeed, infosec researchers have observed ExploreSync being installed on user's computers via fake updaters for Adobe Flash Player. 

Once inside the system, ExploreSync can perform several, different functionalities that are all designed to monetize the application's presence. Let's start with the adware part that will begin to run an intrusive advertising campaign. Users will be presented with numerous unwanted advertising materials that could take the form of pop-ups, banners, surveys, in-text links, and more. The advertisements could even begin to overlay any legitimate content that the user is trying to view. Furthermore, clicking on the generated advertisements should be viewed as a potential security risk due to the possibility of the user being redirected to questionable or outright unsafe third-party websites. At the same time, ExploreSync will take over the Web browser in a typical browser hijacker manner. Settings such as the default search engine, new page tab, and the homepage will all be modified to open the address of the PUP. 

It is quite common for a PUP such as ExploreSync also to spy on the user's browsing activities by tracking, collecting, and sending select data to their servers. The monitored data usually includes the browsing history, clicked URLs and all conducted searchers.

The user's macOS may detect the presence or the attempted installation of ExploreSync on the system. In that case, a warning prompt stating that 'ExploreSyncd will damage your computer' will be presented on the screen. 


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