ExplorerTransaction Description

ExplorerTransaction can be described as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA), as its sole purpose is to generate advertising content and promote a particular fake search engine. It fulfills its goal by hijacking the Web browser of the infected device and changing its setting. Applications like ExplorerTransaction are typically spread through deceptive methods, a common tactic named “bundling” – the undesired application is embedded into the installation package of another software program. ExplorerTransaction also may be distributed through fake software updates.

As no legit company would use the advertising strategy offered by such PUAs, all the content displayed by ExplorerTransaction is very likely to promote untrustworthy websites and online services. As an example, various tactics, phishing websites, download pages for potentially malicious applications, and so on could be on the list. Moreover, generated advertisements can contain corrupted scripts that can even download or install different malware threats.

The browser hijacking feature of ExplorerTransaction changes the default search engine, homepage, and new tab page of a browser, replacing it with the URL of a fake search engine. This dubious search machine delivers some results; however, they are typically unrelated and filled with useless sponsored links. Due to all of its unwanted and potentially harmful features, ExplorerTransaction should be removed from all devices.