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ExploreDivision is a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) dedicated to promoting fake search engines depending on the browser and the user's computer. If it detects a Safari browser, the application aims to generate artificial traffic to the address, while on Chrome, it pushes 

In most cases, the promoted search engines are incapable of producing search results on their own completely, and instead, they simply take the inputted search queries and redirect them through legitimate search engines such as or Google Custom Search.

To generate as much traffic as possible, ExploreDivision takes over some of the browser's settings, modify them, and then prevent the user from reverting them to their previous state. The homepage address, new page tab, and the default search engine are usually set to redirect to the promoted fake search engines. As a result, simply opening the browser will already be counted as a visit to these addresses.

Further red flags that should be taken into consideration are the data logging capabilities and adware functions displayed by applications such as ExploreDivision. They could monitor the user's websites, the conducted search queries, IP addresses and geolocation. As for the third-party advertisements, they could be delivered as redirects or injected into the list of search results.


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