Threat Database Trojans Exploit.Win32


Exploit.Win32 is a dangerous computer malware parasite. Exploit.Win32 can be exploited by a remote hacker giving them access to the infected system. Exploit.Win32 has been identified my various security vendors as a computer Trojan or Exploit.Win32 adware which may be installed without notice to the computer user. The rogue anti-spyware application Protection Center has been known to display a fake Exploit.Win32 adware message. It is very important that a malware parasite such as Exploit.Win32 be detected and remove automatically with a spyware detection tool. Leaving Exploit.Win32 on the computer may cause damages that could result in Windows not being able to boot correctly.

File System Details

Exploit.Win32 may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. exploit.win32.dcom.aj.exe

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