Threat Database Malware Exploit:JS/Coolex.A


By LoneStar in Malware

Exploit:JS/Coolex.A is a script, which is added to an exploit pack recognized as the 'Cool Exploit Kit'. Exploit:JS/Coolex.A can install other security infections on the victimized PC. Exploit:JS/Coolex.A proliferates via infected or compromised websites. Exploit:JS/Coolex.A may divert the hacked Internet browser to another website, which includes the exploit code found as Exploit:JS/Coolex.A attempting to install more malware threats on the affected computer depending on what applications you have installed. If you have Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, or Java in your machine, Exploit:JS/Coolex.A may aim at exploiting specific software vulnerabilities in these programs to install additional malware threats from the specific websites.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Exploit:JS/Coolex.A

File System Details

Exploit:JS/Coolex.A may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. Cool EK jre1710_Bis.saz 9ca06509d88cb375ef09be28a2663f63 0
2. Cool EK jre1710.saz 7b7b64fc8a7b3b728989220067ad4c1e 0
3. 0081512281 ac7d0bf9a4d7084bb40765e40e273e1c 0
4. vt-upload-yrBCv 11f561c461b070a313420dc8b57b5804 0
5. vt-upload-9pXLu de13a4c931c2cd3af187a3465a3eb1c7 0


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