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EXP/JS.Expack is a malicious Javascript that is used to attack computers vulnerable to certain Java-based exploits. EXP/JS.Expack attacks have been associated with the Cool Exploit Kit, a hacking tool that is similar in function and scope to the infamous Black Hole Exploit Kit. Using EXP/JS.Expack, criminals can attempt to install other malware on their victims' computers. It is important to note that EXP/JS.Expack uses Java to attack a computer, meaning that disabling Java can help protect your computer from EXP/JS.Expack and similar threats.

Sources of Infections Involving EXP/JS.Expack

Most computer users that have had their computers infected with the EXP/JS.Expack malicious script will have acquired this malware infection after visiting a compromised website. Criminals can take over normally harmless websites by exploiting weak passwords or vulnerabilities in the software used to create these web pages. They may surreptitiously insert a malicious Java script into the targeted website. This script redirects the victims to attack websites containing the exploit kit, which then attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in the victim's computer in order to infect it with malware. The EXP/JS.Expack infection is one of the exploits used to attack computer users that become victims of this kind of attack.

ESG security analysts have observed that the majority of victims of the EXP/JS.Expack exploit have outdated versions of Java or of Adobe Systems software (such as Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash). The EXP/JS.Expack script takes advantage of vulnerabilities in these platforms that are well known and that, in most cases, have already been patched or fixed in more recent versions released by the manufacturers. These exploits trick these applications into allowing a third party to execute malicious code on your computer, establishing a backdoor that can then be used to download and install other malware onto the victim's computer.

The main way to protect yourself from EXP/JS.Expack is disabling Java unless necessary. ESG security researchers advise computer users to ensure that they are running the latest version of all software on their computer and that their anti-malware software is up-to-date so that it will detect an attack involving EXP/JS.Expack. If you have received an error message indicating the presence of EXP/JS.Expack, it is likely that your anti-malware software has managed to catch this threat in time. However, immediate action is recommended if you suspect that malicious files have been installed on your computer.

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File System Details

EXP/JS.Expack may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. 55d0a03f93bf651d3b35b0a4c93be9f3.text_html 55d0a03f93bf651d3b35b0a4c93be9f3 0
2. 4a79a8cb06c3866bf3353d5be76f2229.text_html 4a79a8cb06c3866bf3353d5be76f2229 0
3. 96e8ed678ecffbe9ffc678f1ad442e60.text_html 96e8ed678ecffbe9ffc678f1ad442e60 0
4. 914b1c532a10420de0ccf46a2e18fb5c.text_html 914b1c532a10420de0ccf46a2e18fb5c 0
5. 71bbb57afd910f17a338c6e1d465bc92.text_html 71bbb57afd910f17a338c6e1d465bc92 0


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