ExecutorV3 Ransomware

ExecutorV3 Ransomware Description

The ExecutorV3 Ransomware is a crypto locker threat that has been discovered to be lurking in the wild. The ExecutorV3 Ransomware targets the data stored on users' computers and uses powerful encryption algorithms to render it inaccessible effectively. Nearly all file types are affected - image and photos, audio and video, documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, databases, etc. Every encrypted file will have '.babaxed' appended as a new extension to the original filename.

As for the instructions that the hackers leave to their victims, they are dropped as ten text files dropped on the compromised systems' desktop. The files are named 'RECOVERY INSTRUCTIONS 0.txt' through 'RECOVERY INSTRUCTIONS 9.txt.' However, in some cases, due to a possible bug in the coding of the threat, the ransom notes are created before the encryption process has stopped. As a result, even the text files of the notes can get encrypted. Victims of the ExecutorV3 Ransomware will then be left with no way of contacting the hackers, defeating the threatening program's whole purpose to extort money.

Those users who can access the ExecutorV3 Ransomware's instructions will see a pretty straightforward message. The hackers demand $50 in Bitcoin to be sent to the provided cryptocurrency wallet address. After the payment has been made, victims are told to use the email 'haunexuwofwuf@protonmail.com' to initiate communication.

While the ExecutorV3 Ransomware may have some issues with its coding, it appears that there is no available way to decrypt the locked files for free. The best possible scenario is for the victims to have access to a backup that has been created before the ransomware infection. It is paramount that before attempting to restore the encrypted data, a professional anti-malware tool is used to remove any traces of the ExecutorV3 Ransomware from the computer.

The full text of the ransom note is:

'All your Files have been crypted. Send 50$ wort of
Bitcoins to this Address: 1Nehd3pSRF6ijmeumjpPmq7Nwn3hFJEsj | As soon as you
sent the Money, sent an email to:
haunexuwofwuf@protonmail.com|as soon as we see
the email we will send you the decrypter.'

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