Ever101 Ransomware

Ever101 Ransomware Description

Type: Ransomware

Ever101 Ransomware is a compromising piece of malware that is prone to making a PC nearly useless for basic functions due to it encrypting several files. The Ever101 Ransomware threat is known to mostly spread through spam email attachments where the attachment file may be disguised as a legitimate document file or PDF. In any case, once Ever101 Ransomware is spread from such a file it will attack a computer through an encryption process for multiple files.

The files that become encrypted by Ever101 Ransomware can no longer be accessed and the Ever101 Ransomware threat will then hold them for a ransom where it demands that a payment be made to restore those files.

Computer users who face Ever101 Ransomware are highly urged to avoid paying the demanded ransom fee. Instead, it is best that computer users victimized by Ever101 Ransomware first remove the threat using an antimalware tool. Once Ever101 Ransomware has been eliminated, the user can then use a recent backup of their system and files to restore any files that remain encrypted to get their PC back to normal operation.

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