Eventitletr.info Description

The Eventitletr.info website is hosting a low-level tactic known as 'Click Allow to Continue.' This scheme is no way unique or innovative – thousands of fake websites are using this shady trick to mislead users into allowing them to display Web browser notifications.

As soon as the visitors attempt to open the Eventitletr.info site, they will be asked to follow the instructions on their screen, which will require them to click on the 'Allow' button they are displayed with. However, instead of providing them with engaging content in return, as most sites like the Eventitletr.info page claim to do, they will begin flooding the users with unwanted advertisements via their Web browser notifications. This means that the Eventitletr.info site will spam you with advertisements relentlessly, even if you close your Web browser. To make matters worse, cybersecurity experts warn that bogus pages like the Eventitletr.info site tend to work in cooperation with shady advertisement companies that are likely to promote fake products or untrustworthy, overpriced services. This is why it is best to ignore the advertisements spawned by the Eventitletr.info page.

If you want to abolish the spam advertisements affiliated with the Eventitletr.info site, open the settings of your Web browser and revoke the permissions you have given to this fake website immediately.