Threat Database Adware 'Error Code: x00082dfo09d' Pop-Up Scam

'Error Code: x00082dfo09d' Pop-Up Scam

Various deceptive websites have been observed to be running the 'Error Code: x00082dfo09d' pop-up scam. In essence, this is just a variation of a technical support scheme. Visitors are presented with multiple fake alerts designed to appear as legitimate as possible but ultimately containing nothing but false claims. In the scenario of the 'Error Code: x00082dfo09d' pop-up scam, users will see multiple pop-ups disguised as alerts coming from 'Microsoft,' 'Windows Defender' and 'Windows Firewall.' The tactic will then claim that the users' system has been infected with multiple malware threats in an attempt to scare them into calling the provided phone number.

As in all tactics of this type, always keep in mind that no website can perform a scan for threats on its own. Users should disregard all of the claims for non-existent threats and in no way should they try to contact the listed phone as that could expose them to a multitude of security risks.

The fraudsters will pretend to be conducting a malware removal by simulating some activity and then ask for exorbitant fees to be paid in the form of gift cards or online currencies. Such payment methods are harder to be traced or refunded. Furthermore, the tactic artists could attempt to extract potentially sensitive information from the user, such as personal details or account credentials through different social-engineering techniques. The acquired data can then be used for different illicit activities. Quite often, the fake technical support specialist will also require to establish a remote connection to the user's computer. This is extremely threatening as it could allow the hackers to drop malware threats on the system without attracting the attention of the victim. Data-collecting Trojans, backdoor threats, or even ransomware could be downloaded and initiated at a later date to further exploit the user.

Redirects to websites such as the 'Error Code: x00082dfo09d' pop-up scam are rarely initiated by the users themselves. Instead, they are caused by either previously visited pages or PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) present on the computer. Keep that in mind and perform a scan with a reputable anti-malware solution just to make sure that your device is completely clean.


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