Threat Database Adware 'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' Pop-Ups

'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' Pop-Ups

The 'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' pop-ups is a technical support tactic carried out by the '' website. As is typical for this tactic type, the message displayed to the unsuspecting users is presented as being of critical importance. The 'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' pop-ups also makes vague allusions that it is being sent by Microsoft to protect the user. The goal is to scare the user into calling the provided phone number that belongs to the con artists or their associates. The truth is that none of the claims made by this technical tactic are true, and there is absolutely no connection with Microsoft.

The tactic states that the device of the user has been infected with a 'Pornographic Spyware and riskware.' Closing the window with this message will supposedly result in the users losing access to their computers allegedly as a protection against further damage to the network. To further push users into calling them, the fraudsters claim that any photos, credit card details, email accounts, and Facebook credentials are being collected by unspecified malware threats.

Calling the phone number exposes users to numerous privacy concerns, as the fraudsters can then employ various techniques to either extract information or pretend to be conducting some malware countermeasures by using default Windows services and then demand payment. Additionally, the fraudsters could request a remote connection to the computer to be established, giving them a perfect chance to deploy Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or malware threats, such as Remote Access Trojans (RATs).

When landing on the 'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' pop-ups, the best course of action is to simply ignore everything written in the messages, close the windows, and move on with your normal browsing.


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