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Envoyne.info Image

Envoyne.info features a colorful header image, with multiple colored geometric shapes. On the top of the page, there will be a search box with a list of links broken up into categories. While at first glance Envoyne.info appears to be a legitimate search engine, Envoyne.info is actually designed to scam its visitors, attempting to exploit their computer systems to profit from illegally-obtained advertisement revenue. Typically, computer users visiting Envoyne.info have no choice in the matter; they are forced to do so by a browser hijacker. This type of malware infection takes over the victim's computer and forces its web browsers to visit specific, malicious websites (which include Envoyne.info). The main culprit is a Trojan infection known as the Google Redirect Virus, but also known as the Google Redirect Hijacker or the Google results hijacker. Like its name implies, this Trojan infection changes the results on a Google search (although it also affects other major search engine results such as Yahoo or Bing). The altered results take the victim to Envoyne.info whenever they are linked, artificially inflating this bogus search engine's web traffic. This Trojan infection will often be part of a rootkit on the victim's computer system, often a variant of the TDSS rootkit or of the ZeroAccess bootkit.

Dealing with Envoyne.info-Related Browser Redirects

While some browser hijackers are based on JavaScript and only infect your computer at the web browser's level, Trojans associated with Envoyne.info tend to be much more insidious, affecting the way your computer system fundamentally connects to the Internet. This is much more difficult to deal with because the effect is not restricted to a single web browser. Reinstalling your web browser or clearing its settings will do nothing to affect browser hijackers related to Envoyne.info. Instead, you will need to use a reliable anti-malware application to search for and remove browser hijacker Trojans on your computer system. However, this is easier said than done. Envoyne.info-related browser hijackers will often be associated with a rootkit. This rootkit will hide the browser hijackers from detection, causing your anti-malware software to be useless unless something is done about the rootkit first. Fortunately, there are some anti-malware programs with anti-rootkit technology integrated, as well as specialized rootkit removal tools that can help you deal with this malware threat.


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