Threat Database Trojans Entertainment.exe


Users who discover the presence of a process named Entertainment.exe among the active processes on their computers should exercise caution. It is recommended to immediately scan the device with a reputable anti-malware security solution, as there is a high chance that the process is a sign of a Trojan infection. More specifically, infosec researchers have connected the presence of Entertainment.exe with a Trojan threat of the crypto-miner type.

Crypto-miners are sneaky threats designed to infiltrate targeted computers and then hijack the available hardware resources. As a result, victims may notice that the device's CPU or GPU activity is constantly above 80% or even at maximum capacity. This could mean that the system itself doesn't have enough free resources to function properly. Users may start experiencing freezes, crashes or even critical system errors. Meanwhile, the crypto-miner will use the device's power to mine for a chosen cryptocurrency, such as Monero, DarkCoin or others.

The constant utilization of the hardware components could generate excessive heat and impact their expected lifespan. In the worse cases, the user's computer may overheat constantly, causing CPU, GPU or RAM malfunctions.


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