The EngageSearch application targets Mac users who are seeking for a tool that will help them enhance their browsing quality when they are searching the Web. However, this is not the primary purpose of the EngageSearch utility. The goal of the EngageSearch application is to promote a third-party search engine called ‘Safe Finder.’

Once you install the EngageSearch application on your system, it will gain persistence by creating a new ‘Launch Daemon’ and a new ‘Device Profile.’ Then, the EngageSearch utility will make sure to change your default search engine to the ‘Safe Finder’ search aggregator. This search engine is not likely to provide you with excellent service. Furthermore, the EngageSearch application may plant additional advertisements on the Web pages that you visit.

Removing the EngageSearch application from your Mac manually may prove to be a difficult task. This is why you are counseled to trust a reputable, modern anti-malware utility to remove the EngageSearch application from your Mac.


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