By GoldSparrow in Malware

Elknot, also know as the BillGates Trojan/Bot is a family of malware that has been utilized to initiate DDoS attacks on poorly guarded machines. This malware was uncovered in February 2014 in a Russian IT website. Elknot is very threatening because it can get hold of an infected computer and take full control of its operation, which allows the threat to perform any action its controllers want. The code used to create Elknot comes from the Elknot's malware, and it can perform HTTP Flood (Layer7) and DNS reflection floods, TCP flood, ICMP flood and UDP flood. Online gaming organizations and machines being run on the Asia zone.

One of the facts that makes Elknot so threatening is that its code can be rented by criminals to develop their own versions of the threat and start disrupting machines and performing malicious activities wherever they want. It is highly recommended that severe security measures are put in place to any computer in use so that it will be able to face the threats that are created and launched on the Internet every single day.


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