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Elite Stealer

The Elite Stealer is a threat being distributed in a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) scheme on underground hacker forums currently. The price put by the creators of the threat is just 400 RUB or approximately $5.5 per month. Any threat actor who decided to pay that price will get access to a potent information stealer.

Developed using the C# programming language, the Elite Stealer possesses a wide range of threatening functionalities. Once established onto the targeted computer, the threat can begin harvesting sensitive information from a multitude of sources. It can obtain browser-related data such as any saved account credentials, including emails, usernames and passwords. Information related to the victim's browsing activity also will be collected - visited websites, clicked URLs and conducted searches.

However, the Elite Stealer doesn't stop there, as it also will go after messaging applications such as Discord and try to extract sensitive information from there. Other targets of the threat include cryptocurrency wallets, VPN clients, email applications and more. The attackers also can exfiltrate selected files from the compromised system or instruct Elite Stealer to take arbitrary screenshots.

The dangers posed by Elite Stealer shouldn't be underestimated. To stay protected, users are strongly advised to install a professional anti-malware solution and keep it up-to-date.


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