ElemntState is a browser hijacker designed to affect mostly mac users. Exactly like most apps of this type, ElemntState will take control over certain browser setting almost from the moment it is installed on the user's computer system. As a result of its activity, the homepage, new tab/window page, and the default search engine could all be modified to open the promoted ElemntState Search address, which is a fake search engine.

The main characteristic of fake search engines is that they lack the ability to generate results on their own. Instead, whenever the user initiates a search through the URL bar of the affected browser, their search is hijacked by the fake engine before being redirected to a legitimate one. In the case of ElemntState, all search queries are delivered to search.yahoo.com. While the browser hijacker app is present on the system, it is quite likely that it will prevent users from making further adjustments to the browser's settings. 

While the more obvious result of using a fake search engine will most often be the various sponsored ads injected into the displayed search results, users should also keep in mind that their browser activities might be tracked by the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). The collected data could include all visited websites, clicked URLs, conducted searchers, and device details such as IP address, geolocation, and more. 


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