ElementarySignalSearch Description

ElementarySignalSearch is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) leveraged against Mac users. The application is designed to function as adware and a browser hijacker. As users are extremely unlikely to download and install these applications willingly, PUPs spread themselves by employing deceptive tactics that hide their installation. In fact, ElementarySignalSearch has been observed to be spread as a fake installer for Adobe Flash Player. 

By having ElementarySignalSearch present on the system, users will be subjected to an intrusive advertising campaign. The sheer volume of generated advertisements could diminish the user experience on the affected device drastically. More importantly, however, engaging with the presented advertisements could take users to unsafe pages running phishing schemes, fake giveaways or technical support schemes.

At the same time, the PUP also will activate its browser hijacker part to overtake and modify certain browser settings. The homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine would then be changed to open the address of a fake search engine. While the PUP is still installed on the device, it will stop users from reverting these settings to their original states.

Like most PUPs, ElementalSignalSearch also could be equipped with data-harvesting functionality. Users could have their browsing activities tracked, collected, and then uploaded to a remote server. The creators of the PUP might then sell the acquired information to third parties.