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DynamicExplorer is an adware application recently discovered during an investigation. This application is a form of advertising-supported software, specifically belonging to the AdLoad malware family.

DynamicExplorer: An Adware Overview

Adware is designed to generate revenue for its developers by inundating users with undesirable and potentially harmful advertisements. These may take the form of pop-ups, banners, coupons, overlays, surveys, and more. Such third-party content is displayed on various interfaces and visited websites.

These adware-delivered adverts often promote online scams, untrustworthy software, and even malware. Some advertisements can even execute scripts, leading to stealthy downloads or installations upon interaction. However, it's important to note that any legitimate content encountered through these ads is likely promoted by scammers seeking illegitimate commissions.

The Threat Posed by DynamicExplorer

While DynamicExplorer may not always run intrusive advertisement campaigns, its presence on a system remains a threat to device and user safety. Additionally, adware like DynamicExplorer often has data-tracking capabilities, potentially compromising sensitive information like browsing history, search engine records, cookies, login credentials, and financial details.

Examples of Adware

ElementaryDivision, EdgeCommand, and ElasticPortable are recent examples of adware examined by our researchers. These types of advertising-supported software may appear legitimate and offer various features, but they often fail to deliver on their promises.

Installation of DynamicExplorer

Adware like DynamicExplorer can be installed through "official" promotional webpages, often found on scam sites. Users may unwittingly access these pages through redirects, misspelled URLs, intrusive ads, spam notifications, or existing adware.

Bundling with ordinary programs is another common method of adware distribution. This risk is heightened when downloading from untrustworthy sources or neglecting the installation process.

Avoiding Adware Installation

To protect against adware, it is advisable to research and download software only from official and verified sources. Exercise caution during installation by reading terms, exploring available options, and using the "Custom" or "Advanced" settings to opt out of additional apps, extensions, and features.

Vigilance while browsing is also crucial, as fraudulent and malicious content often appears legitimate. Intrusive ads, though seemingly innocuous, can redirect to highly questionable websites.

If you encounter persistent adverts and redirects, promptly check your device for dubious applications and browser extensions. In the event of an infection, utilize an anti-malware program to safely remove DynamicExplorer and any associated components.


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