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Ducky Stealer

Ducky Stealer is a dangerous malware threat designed to syphon sensitive private information from the devices it manages to infect and then exfiltrate the data to a remote server controlled by cybercriminals. The behavior of information stealers can be adjusted according to the specific goals of the threat actor employing the threat. The hackers could harvest banking and payment details, credit card information, social security numbers, any data saved as autofill information, and more. The gathered user data could be monetized through sales to other cybercriminal groups or used to escalate the attack against the specific targets. By acquiring access to the user's various account credentials, the hackers could begin to send phishing messages to the victim's contact list. The messages could be used as vehicles proliferating the spread of the Ducky Stealer or another malware threat. 

Among the common info-stealer targets are all of the mainstream web browsers - Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, but in recent years cybercriminals have also begun focusing on social media platforms and IM apps such as Telegram, Facebook, Discord, WeChat, Skype, etc. The malicious functionalities of info stealers such as Ducky Stealer could also include the ability to take arbitrary screenshots of the system's screen, initiate keylogging routines, exfiltrate entire files, record audio and video if a webcam is connected to the compromised device, and more. 

Ducky Stealer must be regarded with utmost urgency and should be removed from the compromised device as soon as possible. The best way to deal with the threat is to use a professional anti-malware solution.


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