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DragSteal Malware

The DragSteal malware is a threat designed to collect specific data from compromised computers and devices. This particular malware has been designed to target the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) video-game series and related content. Its behavior classifies it as an infostealer. In general, infostealers are harmful tools that possess numerous invasive capabilities allowing them to collect information from the infected machines, which could have serious consequences.

DragSteal Details

So far, infosec researchers have identified three different versions of the DragSteal malware, capable of attacking the ASI, LUA, and CLEO file formats, respectively. These are commonly used in GTA mods and mod tools.

The threat posed by infostealer malware should not be underestimated. Depending on the specific goals of the attackers, these threats can be instructed to harvest system, as well as user data. The targeted information could include payment and credit/debit card details saved in the victim's Web browsers, account credentials, IP address, other PII (Personally Identifiable Information) details and more.

Infostealer threats could even be capable of spying on the user's activities by establishing keylogging routines that capture all keyboard button presses and mouse clicks. Other common functionalities include taking arbitrary screenshots or assuming control over the system's camera and microphone and making video or audio recordings.


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