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DivisionFormat is an adware program that targets Mac users. Its goal is to display sponsored content and unsolicited advertisements in the browser, and as such, it also possesses browser hijacker capabilities. DivisionFormat also is classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) due to its dubious distribution methods shaped to trick the user into installing the application. In this particular case, users have come across DivisionFormat posing as a fake Adobe Flash player update.

After gaining access to the user's Mac system, DivisionFormat will modify the default settings of the most favored used Web browsers - Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. The default search engine will be changed to, a fake search engine that redirects to for the actual results.

As with most adware-type programs, if allowed, DivisionFormat will start tracking the user's browsing habits. More specifically, it requires permission to read sensitive information on all visited websites such as passwords, phone numbers, and credit card numbers in addition to monitoring the browsing history.

Having DivisionFormat installed on your Mac could lead to serious privacy issues. Clicking on any of the advertisements generated by this application may redirect to suspicious third-party websites. Removing DivisionFormat, and this goes for any of the endless similar programs being propagated across the Internet, from your Mac system is the recommended course of action.


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