Threat Database Mac Malware DisplayProgram


The DisplayProgram application is adware specifically tailored to target Mac users.

Applications like the DisplayProgram tend to market themselves as helpful tools to trick users into installing them. However, users often install adware unknowingly. Bogus applications like the DisplayProgram application often end up on users' systems without their knowledge. Users often download free software bundles and then rush through the installation process without paying attention to what they agree to. This is how countless users worldwide end up installing adware or other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) on their computers. Some software bundles make the installation process complex purposefully to mislead users into agreeing to install useless or even fake applications. Adware like the DisplayProgram applications can prove to be very frustrating to deal with. Such applications will inject unwanted advertisements on every website that you visit. The advertisements spawned by the DisplayProgram application would include flashing banners, hyperlinks in text, alerts, pop-up windows, etc. With the increased amount of advertisements you view when you browse the Web, it is no surprise that navigating through websites may become difficult. Some of the advertisements displayed by the DisplayProgram application may overlay various important sections of the websites you visit. Furthermore, products and services promoted via adware are not to be trusted, so it is best to ignore the advertisements linked to the activity of the DisplayProgram application.

It is not advisable to have adware installed on your Mac, so it is best to remove it with the aid of an anti-virus application that is compatible with your OSX.


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