Threat Database Viruses 'DHL Air Waybill' Email Virus

'DHL Air Waybill' Email Virus

It is not the first time that the fraudsters have had DHL, a German logistics company providing couriers as their target. This time the tactic used by the con artists consists of an email pretending to be a message from DHL informing the victims that there is a shipment stored in its warehouse, and they need to sign some documents attached to the email to get the parcel. The misleading scheme is named 'DHL Air Waybill' Email Virus, although the email looks real since it contains the DHL's logo and its format is very similar to a genuine email sent by the company.

However, when the victims download the attached forms, they will allow the download and installation of a threatening RAT, the Agent Tesla, which will allow the creators of the 'DHL Air Waybill' Email Virus to take control of the infected computer. Then, the Agent Tela's RAT will start collecting data from FTP clients, download managers, Web browsers, recording keystrokes, and sending the collected information to the Command and Control servers of the cybercriminals.

If the 'DHL Air Waybill' Email Virus is ignored and deleted by the computer users, nothing bad will happen. However, if it was opened and Agent Tesla is installed on their computers, it needs to be removed as quickly as possible. It is advised the use of a potent malware scanner ssince the removal of a RAT can be a complicated task.


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