DesktopService Description

DesktopService is another PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is targeted at Mac users specifically. Dubious websites such as this one are designed to perform numerous intrusive actions on the Mac systems they are present on. Users are typically wary of installing unknown programs and that is why PUPs are spread via underhanded distribution tactics such as bundling or fake installers predominantly.

Once installed, DesktopService will start monetizing its presence on the system as soon as possible. The PUP will begin generating third-party advertisements and possibly injecting them into the site viewed by the user. The delivered advertisements cannot be trusted, as they may employ various clickbait messages to lure users into clicking on them. Afterward, the advertisements may open shady websites running phishing schemes, online scams and more.

The consequences of having DesktopService installed on your Mac do not stop there. The PUP also will take control of your Web browser and force it to open a promoted address. This behavior is typically associated with known as browser hijackers. Usually, they modify the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine. In the vast majority of cases, the promoted address belongs to a fake search engine.

Users who have PUPs lurking on their computers and devices also risk having their browsing activities monitored, logged, and then transmitted to a remote server. The operators of the specific PUP can then exploit the gathered information in several different ways, one of which is trying to sell it to interested third parties.